Building the Future of Freshwater Protection at Lake George

Annual Report

Letter from Leadership

It was only three short years ago that The FUND presented four protection goals for Lake George. We labeled the goals as ambitious, but we knew they were achievable. Today, we can proudly report The FUND’s breakthrough accomplishments on every goal—from unmatched best-in-class science that has made Lake George “the smartest lake in the world” to bold solutions delivering new levels of protection aimed at doing nothing short of making Lake George “the best protected lake in the world.”

How have we done this? In a word, partnership. Informed by cutting edge science, we have succeeded in forging a cross-sector constituency of commitment dedicated to lasting protection of Lake George: from snowplow drivers reducing the use of road salt by as much as 50%; to wastewater treatment plant operators and local officials upgrading their facilities to curb nutrient loading by as much as 80%; to property owners committing to nutrient reductions by upgrading their septic systems, guided by The FUND’s unprecedented Safe Septic Program.

Not only has world-leading science documented water quality trends over the past generation—informing our actions to reverse negative trends such as increasing algae growth—it now empowers us to project future water quality trends through the Jefferson Project’s Scenario Engine. This quantum-leap modeling tool developed with our partners at IBM and RPI uses predictive analytics to forecast problems before they happen, including harmful algal blooms. There’s nothing like the Scenario Engine, or the Jefferson Project, anywhere in the world, and both will serve as linchpins to sustaining protection of Lake George.

We are succeeding in converting ambitions into achievements, as presented at our Annual Meeting. This enormous progress has only been possible because our most vital partners, donors and investors in The FUND, have believed in our strategy and have so generously supported our work. Just as The FUND’s science-to-solutions model will sustain protection of Lake George, your support now will sustain our role in ensuring success. Doing so requires us to achieve our “fifth protection goal,” raising $10 million for The Forever FUND Campaign. We are moving ever closer to achieving this goal, and with your passionate commitment now, we believe we can meet it in the months ahead.

Your support is invested directly in the protection of Lake George; since 2013 The FUND has invested nearly $9,000,000 to protect the Lake via our science-to-solutions strategy. Moreover, every $1,000 invested by The FUND in protection of Lake George delivers $7,000 in additional public and private funding toward our goals—a 7X multiplier effect on donor dollars. An investment in The FUND’s work is truly high-impact philanthropy.

Especially now, when we face a changing world and unexpected challenges, the value of Lake George in our lives has never been more essential—as our favorite place, safe retreat, and inspiring example of what we can do, together, to safeguard what matters most, to us, our children, and our grandchildren.

With our deepest gratitude,

  • Jeff Kileen signature

    Jeff Kileen

    Board Chairman

  • Eric Siy signature

    Eric Siy

    Executive Director

  • Chris Navitsky signature

    Chris Navitsky, PE

    Lake George Waterkeeper

Protecting Lake George Goal by Goal

The FUND’s Science-to-Solutions model, fusing Partnership, Innovation, and direct Investment, enabled us to achieve our four main strategic goals for 2018-2020.

From Science

Science of Solutions

Serving as the global example to inform sustained protection of freshwater ecosystems

Goal Achieved

The Jefferson Project has made Lake George the smartest lake in the world—specifically to make it the best protected lake in the world, with:

  • An Intelligent Network of 500 sensors driving complex computer models that detail and predict water quality impacts

  • Over 700 million observations to date that guide effective protections and, even more important, monitor our progress, critical to establishing enduring commitment, across constituencies and generations

  • The first in the world Scenario Engine that harnesses data to project conditions decades ahead, creating the capacity for a new era of “preemptive protection”

The FUND has invested $3,039,561 towards this goal since 2013.

To Solutions

Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment

Stopping new aquatic invasive species from entering Lake George

Goal Achieved

Since 2014, co-founded and co-funded by The FUND and our partners, the East’s strongest aquatic invasive species prevention program has:

  • map showing primary sources of invasive species into the Adirondack Park

    Inspected nearly 200,000 trailered boats from over 450 different waterbodies

  • locations of the 6 boat inspection stations around Lake George

    Decontaminated 16% of these boats at 6 stations, employing 50 inspectors every season

  • worker washing boat

    Stopped any new aquatic invasive species from entering Lake George

The FUND has invested $1,475,250 in this goal since 2013.

Salt Reduction

Providing the nation’s model for reducing salt use

Goal Achieved

We are not only leading the nation, but all of North America, by working across sectors and levels of government to:

  • Train and equip highway departments with the tools they need to succeed

  • Monitor performance and progress through North America’s most advanced study of salt application rates

  • SWiM Certification Awarded to Warren County

    Realize road salt reductions as high as 50%, town-by-town, our basin-wide objective

The FUND has invested $789,811 in this goal since 2015.

Water Quality & Clarity

Leading the nation in managing wastewater and stormwater

Goal Achieved

With New York holding the unfortunate distinction of having the highest number of reported Harmful (toxic) Algal Blooms in the nation, numbers that continue to grow, The FUND’s science-to-solutions formula is dramatically curbing the nutrients that feed algae growth and the potential for a toxic bloom by:

  • construction of the new wastewater treatment plant in the Village of Lake George

    Partnering with public officials to upgrade municipal wastewater treatment plants, reducing nutrient loading into the Lake by thousands of pounds

  • As many as 4,000 septic systems may be contaminating the Lake

    Implementing a basin-wide Safe Septic System Program to ensure all 6,000 private systems are functioning as needed

  • Low Impact Development logo and example protocols

    Establishing basin-wide support for The FUNDS’s breakthrough Low Impact Development (LID) Certification System to substantially reduce nutrients from stormwater runoff

The FUND has invested $3,345,635 in this goal since 2013.

Our investors and supporters


The Legacy Group

  • Arcady Bay Estates Homeowners Association
  • Ginger and Bob Bailey
  • Jennifer Brorsen and Richard DeMartini
  • The Buhrmaster Family
  • Charles R. Wood Foundation
  • Michael and Lauretta Chrys
  • William and Dale Creighton
  • David Darrin
  • Roy and Louise Davis
  • Sally and Bill Faber Family
  • Sally and Buddy Faulkner
  • Jane (1938-2019) and Neil Golub
  • Andrew and Marjorie Gorelik
  • Christine and George R. Hearst III
  • Helen V. Froehlich Foundation
  • Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation
  • Jane and Paul Ingrey
  • Keeler Motor Car Company Charitable Foundation
  • Dr. and Mrs. John E. Kelly III
  • Judy and Jeff Killeen
  • Janet Kireker (1926-2014)
  • Marie and Charlie Kireker
  • Paul and Sylvia Lawler
  • Daniel R. Lewis
  • Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust
  • Francine and Robert Nemer
  • Anne and George Morris
  • Marie and Mike O’Reilly
  • Joyce and Don Rice
  • Margaret Schadler
  • Manning and Virginia Rowan Smith
  • Susan and Charles Snyder
  • Lisa and Bill Stromberg
  • Lora and Craig Treiber
  • Renée and Tom West
  • Judith and Joseph Willner
  • The Wolgin Family
  • The Wright Family Foundation
  • E. Richard Yulman
  • Anonymous

The FUND’S core group of LG30 investors is joined by over 800 donors and supporters

Individuals & Families

  • George and Mary Jane Adams
  • Richard and Anne Adler
  • Rolf Ahlers
  • Fred and Margaret Alexy
  • Francis Alfano
  • Thomas and Rosemary Alfonso
  • Andrew and Karen Amerling
  • Michael and Stephanie Angelucci
  • Anonymous
  • Sandy and Jeff Anthony
  • Kenneth and Rosemarie Arnold
  • Dr. George A. Articolo
  • John and Diane Asiel
  • Catherine Atherden
  • Elaine Auerbach
  • David and Linda Ayers
  • Karen Azer
  • George E. Badenoch and Olga Melbardis
  • Ginger and Bob Bailey
  • James and Linda Bain
  • Alfred Baker
  • David Ball
  • Elizabeth Ball
  • Andrew and Irene Bania
  • Ann Barber
  • Richard and Carleen Baright
  • Richard and Ruth Barney
  • Roger and Fay Barrows
  • John Barth
  • Lionel and Deborah Barthold
  • Chuck and Kim Barton
  • John Basinet
  • John Bast
  • James and Seddon Beaty
  • Edward and Sally Becker
  • Donald and Patricia Belcer
  • Paul and Colleen Bell
  • Robin and Bryan Benak
  • Carl Bennette and Nancy Howland
  • Fred and Rosemary Berger
  • Lucinda and Av Bhavsar
  • Gregory and Laura Bibler
  • Gary and Charleen Bivona
  • Kenneth Black
  • Donald and Jayne Blum
  • Michael Boardman and Kathryn Tabner
  • Stephen and Patti Boochever
  • Emily Boren
  • Morgan and Frank Borin
  • Carol Borin
  • Robert Bouchard
  • Stuart and Sallie Bowling
  • Stephen and Sylvia Boyce
  • David Boyle
  • Casey Boynton
  • Betsy Brainard and John Maier
  • Christopher Brassard
  • Bruno and Dorothy Brauner
  • James and Judith Breitenstein
  • Paul and Brenda Breslin
  • Carol and Steve Broderick
  • Robert and Phyllis Bronzo
  • Lawrence and Susan Brown
  • Miriam Brown
  • Douglas and Kim Bryant
  • Richard and Valerie Buchakjian
  • Bob and Maureen Buhrmaster
  • Thomas Burleigh
  • Richard and Sharon Burstein
  • Lindsay Butler
  • Carol Campbell and John McKenna
  • David and Mary Lou Canavan
  • Kirsten Catellier
  • Cynthia Chamberlin
  • Richard and Alice Chase
  • James and Barbara Childress
  • George Cholakis
  • Michael and Lauretta Chrys
  • Robert and Alice Cisler
  • Christopher and Emily Clark
  • Lucinda Clark
  • Alan Coffey
  • Michael and Mary Louise Coleman
  • Edward Collins
  • Peter and Tina Collins
  • David and Marjorie Comstock
  • Frank Congiusta
  • Paul Connally
  • Florence and Brian Connor
  • Bonnie Cook and Peter Skinner
  • Kenneth and Mary Lou Cooper
  • Christopher and Deborah Corbett
  • Brandon Costelloe-Kuehne
  • Edward Crabbs
  • Jane Craigie and Andrew Rodman
  • William and Dale Creighton
  • John Cronin
  • Patrick and Kathleen Curtin
  • Dennis E. Curtis and Judith Resnick
  • Donald Daley
  • Thomas and Diane Damiani
  • Bob Danforth
  • Richard and Patricia Daniels
  • Brett D'Arco
  • Lawrence D'Arco
  • David Darrin
  • Barbara Davidson
  • Kristin Davidson
  • Roy and Louise Davis
  • Robert H. Day
  • Robert and Holly De Buys
  • Elaine Deana
  • Philip and Lenore Defliese
  • Robert and Jennifer Defliese
  • Michael and Suzi DeSimone
  • Rosemarie Devine
  • Georgia Di Gaetano
  • Mark Dichiara
  • Robert and Diane Dickson
  • Christine DiGaetano
  • Jeffrey Dill
  • Charles and Ann Dolin
  • Linda Donaldson
  • Bonnie Donnelly
  • Thomas and Paula D'Orazio
  • Ellen Dorian
  • Mary Lou Doulin
  • Terry and Christine Driessen
  • Patrick Dunleavy
  • Alfred Dunlop and Lynn O. Wilson
  • Henry and Anita Duprey
  • Mary Earl
  • Donald and Ann Eberle
  • Jeffrey and Miriam Eger
  • Sheldon and Mary Eisenberg
  • Eleanor Eldredge
  • Dean and Nadine Ellerthorpe
  • Matthew and Lois Emmens
  • Robert and Trisha End
  • Michael English
  • Salvatore and Kathleen Ervolina
  • William Faber
  • Donald Fallati and Ruth Pachman
  • Lisa Fane
  • Patrick and Kathryn Fantauzzi
  • Philip and Cynthia Farbaniec
  • Kevin Ferrick
  • Steve and Mary Fiato
  • Bruce and Lisa Finkle
  • Leo and Martha Fishel
  • Allen and Debra Fishner
  • John Flagg and Ellen Affel
  • David and Jane Floyd
  • Laurence Fogelson
  • Debra and David Foote
  • Stuart Forman and Ellen Hitzrot
  • Jalinda Franke
  • George and Lesley Froehlich
  • Jane Gabriels
  • Lawrence and Elizabeth Garbo
  • Walter and Toni Gates
  • Maryjane and Albert Gilet
  • John Glover
  • Neil Golub
  • Bonnie Gontier
  • Chuck and Charlotte Gosselink
  • Wallace Graham
  • James and Joanne Grande
  • Debbie and Michael Green
  • Patrick and Judith Griffin
  • Robert Gwirtzman
  • William and Ruth Haase
  • Harold and Sandra Haber
  • Andrew and Judith Hadjandreas
  • Thomas Halbach
  • John Hall
  • Timothy Hanifin
  • Jaclyn Hardiman
  • Randall Harmon and Barbara Booth
  • James and Lori Anne Harris
  • George R. Hearst III and Christine Hearst
  • Bob and Kim Heunemann
  • Timothy and Lisa Higgins
  • David and Carolyn Hoeschele
  • Maddie Hogan
  • Michael and Diane Hogan
  • Janet Horst
  • John and Ellen Hubbard
  • Paul and Patricia Hummel
  • Kristee Iacobucci
  • Christopher Iwinski
  • H. Thomas Jarrett
  • Kyle Jewell
  • Tim Johncox
  • Robert and Susan Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Jones
  • Steve M. Jones and Mary Nohara
  • Betty Jordan
  • Glenn Jorgensen
  • Robert and Carol Kafin
  • David and Tamara Kaiser
  • Stephen Kalajian
  • Rosemary Kamholz
  • Daniel and Karen Kana
  • John and Carol Kanis
  • Joel and Janet Karp
  • Deborah Katz
  • Barbara Keis
  • C. Stuart and Melissa Kelley
  • Dr. and Mrs. John E. Kelly III
  • Sharon Kendall and David Eberle
  • Judy and Jeff Killeen
  • Patricia Killorin
  • Gerald and Rose Kirwin
  • Susan Klauder
  • Robert and Mary Klebe
  • Susan Klebl
  • Susan Knoepffler
  • Ronald and Patricia Knott
  • Gloria Koch and David Thompson
  • Mr. and Mrs. John H. Koerner
  • Andrew and Phyllis Kreek
  • Ellen Briggs Kreitler
  • Peter and Nancy Kudan
  • Barbara Ann Kuderka
  • Ginger Kuenzel
  • Mikiko Kurosaka
  • Catherine and Jack LaBombard
  • Jane LaBombard
  • Eileen Lamb
  • Douglas and Arlene Langdon
  • Judith Larter
  • Paul and Sylvia Lawler
  • Charles and Patricia Lawrence
  • Christopher Lawrence
  • Elaine Lawrence
  • Stuart and Martha Lazarus
  • Erin Leary
  • Laura A. Lee
  • Donald and Audrey Lehn
  • Denis Lemek and Katherine Schissel
  • Donna and Bob Levenstien
  • Barbara and Andrew Levine
  • Daniel R. Lewis
  • Ann and Erik Lichter
  • John and Evelyn Lipori
  • Jerry and Lucile Lucas
  • Kevin Lund
  • Denis and Pamela Lusignan
  • Richard and Berit Lytle
  • William MacArthur
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In Support of Arcady Bay Estates Homeowners Association Forever FUND Campaign
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2019 Financial Summary

Assets 2019 2018
Cash in Bank Accounts $829,487 $331,727
Investment Portfolio *
Cash in Investment Accounts - $23,580
Marketable Securities $6,004,935 $4,442,626
Limited Partnerships $3,221 $3,250
Property and Equipment
Land $80,681 $80,681
Buildings $458,029 $404,020
Equipment, Vehicles, Software $160,280 $149,160
Gaslight Village
Conservation Easement * $719,381 $719,381
Depreciation and Amortization -$303,506 -$274,241
Total Assets $7,952,508 $5,880,184
Liabilities 2019 2018
Credit card payable $10,247 $2,201
Payroll tax payable $103 $0
Tenant Security Deposits $750 $750
Total Liabilities $11,100 $2,951
Operating Cash Flow
Operating Cash Flow * 2019 2018
Private Contributions $2,129,130 $1,340,641
Foundation Contributions $629,067 $604,500
Investment Transfers * $0 $0
Contracts $113,137 $95,883
Event Income $2,240 $7,725
Rental Income $8,500 $9,000
Loss On Disposal of Assets, Net $0 $0
Total Operating Income $2,882,516 $2,058,111
Expenses 2019 2018
Administrative and general $175,743 $143,758
Program $1,398,156 $1,187,799
Fundraising $115,063 $152,328
Total Expenses $1,688,962 $1,483,885

The full 2019 independent audit prepared by Whittemore, Dowen and Ricciardelli, LLP of Queensbury, NY is available upon request. The figures above are presented in a format designed to facilitate an understanding of the sources of our revenue, the nature of our expenditures, and the financial status of our organization.

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Our Lake, Our Legacy

Explore ways to safeguard Lake George as your personal legacy that will live on for generations to come. To learn about The FUND’s planned giving opportunities and options that might be right for you, please contact Hilary Hurley, director of development at [email protected] or (518) 668-9700 ext 302.

Staff, Trustees, and Advisors

FUND Staff

  • Brea Arvidson

    Program Associate

  • Hilary Kellogg Hurley

    Director of Development

  • Chris Navitsky, PE

    Lake George Waterkeeper

  • Dede Potter

    Director of Finance and Administration

  • Eric Siy

    Executive Director

Board of Trustees

  • Jeff Killeen


  • Bob Bailey

    Vice Chairman

  • William Creighton

    Vice Chairman

  • Tom West


  • Ike Wolgin

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lucinda H. Bhavsar

  • David Darrin

  • George R. Hearst III

  • Blair Keller

  • Dr. John E. Kelly III

  • Venetia Lannon

  • Dr. John Johnston Macionis

  • George Morris

  • Nancy Reuss

  • Donald Rice

  • Dr. Linda Schadler

Council of Science Advisors

  • Dr. Jay Bloomfield

  • Dr. Robert Daniels

  • Dr. Charles Driscoll

  • Dr. John Madsen

  • Dr. Amanda McQuaid

  • Kellie Merrell

  • Dr. Linda Schadler

  • Dr. Jeff Short

  • Dr. Robyn Smyth

  • Dr. Kris Stepanuk

  • Dr. Jason Stockwell

  • Dr. Jim Sutherland

  • Dr. Ken Wagner

Council of Business Advisors

  • Vincent Croccitto

    Holiday Inn Resort Lake George

  • Daniel Davies

    Davies ~ Davies & Associates

  • Patricia Dow

    Lake George Steamboat Company

  • Kathryn Flacke Muncil

    The Fort William Henry Corp.

  • Tom Guay

    The Sagamore Resort

  • Matt Harrison

    Adirondack Trust

  • Robert Nemer

    Nemer Motor Group

  • Michael Phinney

    Phinney Design Group

  • Fred Vogel

    The Lodges at Cresthaven

  • Marc Yrsha

    Glens Falls National Bank & Trust Company